what is perhaps?

never been done before

Perhaps is a playlist of stories that all connect to a bigger lore. which is why each product has a cryptic item description, because it is a reference to a certain instance within perhaps. The point is to have the community work together in order to unveil the entire story. Some keen eyed viewers will be able to decipher hidden clues to find unreleased perhaps products and have the option to release that part of the lore. 

Perhaps was built in order to inspire a community of certain people who indeed “get it.” People who value the importance of human life, people who are openminded to new ideas, people who are in search for greater knowledge with intent to such for the good of others. 

I have been very fortunate throughout my life compared to others, and I have never understood why I get to have this luxury. Perhaps is meant to give back in any way I can, in the most me way I can.



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